Welcome to ECS Bagless School


The School has the aim of inculcating love and human fraternity while providing holistic education to meet the needs of the individual and the society. All that happens in the school and outside and events of the past and present are transformed into a learning experience. Novel and creative means of imparting curriculum is used to keep the learner curious and interested. Curriculum is made vibrant by the active involvement of the students in Project Work, Experiments and other assignment works. Efforts are made to renew teaching, learning and evaluating strategies. Audio-visuals and latest technologies are put to optimum use. Many co-curricular activities are planned in literary, cultural, sports and games to tap, nurture and develop talents to a level of excellence, keeping the students highly motivated. Healthy inter-house competitions keep the students enthusiastic and prepared for challenges ahead. Spiritual culture and value education is an integral part of education. We elicit parental co-operation and interact with other experts in the field of education to make education dynamic, purposeful and socially relevant.


The Mission of ECS School is to enable and inspire our diverse student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our country.


Excellent Circle of Studies is affiliated with the Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi. This affiliation serves as a symbol of authenticity, and it shows a commitment to quality and excellence.


"SAHODAYA" is an association of Principals of CBSE schools working together in search of excellence for their children, working with the motive of "Together we will –Together we can". We have been associated since 2010. Children and teachers have been benefited many times through workshops, seminars, cultural activities, competitions, sports etc.