Welcome to ECS Bagless School

Co-curricular activities helps in overall personality development of a student. They make students fit for the future and boost their competitive spirit.


We organize various competitions every month to ensure that every child grows both mentally and physically. These competitions ensure holistic growth for every child.

Some of the competitions are:

  • Sports Meet
  • Eco friendly article making competition
  • Handwriting competition (for primary classes)
  • Elocution competition
  • Public speaking and Debate


    "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

    We are committed to improving the quality of writing skills of our students. It is this commitment to quality that makes our Guarantees possible.

    Our aim is:

  • To help student in acquiring effective training in the subject.
  • To provide an overall training which give excellent output in forms of stories and novel.
  • To have a satisfied body of students who will continue to explore the magical world of words.


    We allow children to explore themselves in the area they feel happiness and joy. Activities like craft, painting, music, singing, dancing, aerobics, yoga etc. are some of the areas where ECS provides students, way to see the sights.