Welcome to ECS Bagless School


Education up till primary level should be activity oriented and STRESS FREE. The burden of bag and heavy books on the back of the children makes the education system a trouble. Bagless pattern of teaching, releases the strain of the children as well of the parents to keep the record of books, to arrange bags everyday according to timetable. It provides hassle free travelling from home to school. Teachers take full responsibility of the child's academic upliftment. Children are free at home to join other activities of their choice rather than sitting and doing home work after the long school hours.


In bagless pattern as teachers are totally responsible for over all academic development of a child, many class activities take place-

A. Class tests are conducted fortnightly.

B. On the basis of class test report remedial classes are managed out.

C. Talented students are motivated through many ways likes appointing monitors, giving badges, awarding welldone cards, indicating stars in star chart, etc.

D. Various oral activities like elocution, ASL, object talk, dramatics, daily-dialogues, manners and etiquettes classes, class games, colour day celebration etc. make the atmosphere of the class truly children friendly.

E. The exam pattern is student oriented as-

Revision is done totally in school. Exam papers are work sheet based upto class 4th.
Self expression of the child seen in the exam through different written skills tests.


For the last 21 years school has a good number of satisfying parents who have shown their satisfaction on their wards’ progress towards the journey of holistic education with moral values.