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ECS Building

Books & Library

We have a big collection for our students to choose from, be it subject refernces or books for leisure time.

Art & Craft

We have incorporated art & craft as an essential element in our curriculum to help a child's mind grow with a broader perspective.

Various Streams

We offer different course streams for our senior secondary students to choose from, as per their interest.

Bagless Pattern

We follow a special curriculum in which no primary class student has to carry a bag. Also we provide "ZERO HOMEWORK".


Excellent Circle of Studies is a brainchild of Mr. Bharat Pawaiya who has a vision to provide burden free education to children. We started ECS in the year 1997 from a small facility and with love and support of parents and teachers we are now present at a 2 Acre campus at Vickey Factory Tiraha,Shivpuri Link Road, Gwalior to provide better facilities for our children.


ECS provides a burden free environment of education with focus on "Learning by Doing" methodology. We follow a bagless pattern which allows our primary class students to leave their bags at home and thus make their journey to school interesting.

Our Mission

The Mission of ECS School is to enable and inspire our diverse student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our country.
The School has the aim of inculcating love and human fraternity while providing holistic education to meet the needs of the individual and the society. All that happens in the school and outside and events of the past and present are transformed into a learning experience. Novel and creative means of imparting curriculum is used to keep the learner curious and interested. Curriculum is made vibrant by the active involvement of the students in Project Work, Experiments and other assignment works. Efforts are made to renew teaching, learning and evaluating strategies. Audio-visuals and latest technologies are put to optimum use. Many co-curricular activities are planned in literary, cultural, sports and games to tap, nurture and develop talents to a level of excellence, keeping the students highly motivated. Healthy inter-house competitions keep the students enthusiastic and prepared for challenges ahead. Spiritual culture and value education is an integral part of education. We elicit parental co-operation and interact with other experts in the field of education to make education dynamic, purposeful and socially relevant.

Mr. Bharat Pawaiya

(Director, ECS Bagless School)
If the face of India has to change, then it cannot be attained without quality and burden free education being available to everyone.
When we mention education, it weaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching, but education is beyond the classic paper-pencil and black board theory. Our Bagless pattern has evolved into a giant wheel which spins through personality development, time management and a child being competent enough to perform in the competitive world. We, at ECS have strive hard to provide quality education at affordable price near to your house to the able scholars who seek excellence in their pursuit for an indomitable career. ECS Bagless School since 1997 is working towards strengthening the early childhood education with a perfect balance of study and plenty of time to make childhood memories.

Mrs. Nandita Chaturvedi

(MA, M.Sc., M.Ed.)
(Principal, ECS Bagless School)
Knowledge makes us humble, humility gives us character. Good character attracts wealth. Wealth is used for doing good deeds. This is turn leads to happiness in the world.
We kindle the quest for knowledge and discover the true potential. Excellent Circle of Studies is an amalgamation of competent educators, planned infrastructure and an experienced efficient administration. The school came into existence with the vision of creating a healthy, safe and supportive environment for its students and to provide a perfect balance of academics sports, artistic and social opportunities. Learning here is a joy.
The school’s genuine concern ensures student’s emotional, cultural & moral growth along with intellectual excellence. This empowers them to develop their self esteem, self awareness and self confidence. Sharing ideas and analyzing situations and expressing them confidently are essential skills which are honed here through experiential learning.
A dynamic and broad spectrum learning environment foster critical thinking skills in students and help them become lifelong learners.
Here students tap into their hidden potentials by exposing themselves to diverse opportunities. The activity based, liberal education help them to rise above parochial mindsets and acquire a truly international outlook.
The young students of today at ECS will be the dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow, who will be the learners, thinkers, leaders with perseverance, empathy and integrity.
We pray to almighty to give us strength and courage to help our students grow with strong values and equip them to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world.


We have many stream and optional subjects for senior secondery classes.


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